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Women's Health, the world's fastest-growing lifestyle and wellness magazine, has reached Malaysia! Women's Health Malaysia covers and celebrates topics including Style, Beauty, Fitness, Sex & Love, Life, Food, Celebrity and all the issues that matter to women. As well as the best content from the monthly magazine, the Women's Health Malaysia website and social media channels promise actionable, inspiring tips and advices that will improve your health, in every sense.


The beauty section is all about helping readers feel and look their best: nothing but top-notch product reviews and routines for skin, hair and body, shared by the Women's Health Malaysia Beauty Editor.


Women's Health is always on-trend with the latest fashion buzz. From the high street to high end, our style advice is translated perfectly for the woman who lives an active lifestyle. This section has all the tricks and tips so your style confidence can match your body confidence.


Women's Health has the fitness tips, workout plans, exercises, and muscle-building techniques to help you get the body you want, fast.


You are what you eat and Women's Health recipes and food advice is world-renowned for giving you the nutrition and plan to get you glowing inside out. Hello tasty, low-cal dishes you can easily make at home and that make you feel great!


Women's Health offers exclusive features, interviews and insights on maximising the potential of your relationship, love and life goals.

The Team

Sueann Chong, Editor
You wouldn't be able to tell from her small frame, but Sueann has an unusually large appetite. Along with eating (very many) healthy meals each day, she has the biggest curiosity for life. This has fuelled her work in magazines and digital media over the last 10 years, where she was most recently the Editor of an art and fashion magazine. She will try, test and taste anything in the name of a good story. When it comes to sports, her game plan is to dress in colourful mismatched sports attire as a tactic to distract her opponents.

Shirley Chia, Art Director
Shirley worked as Art Director for numerous publications over the past eight years before landing her current role as Art Director of Women's Health Malaysia. Shirley likes travelling, healthy homemade soups, a good night's rest and animals - especially furry dogs. This year Shirley will attempt flying yoga.

June See, Editorial Assistant
A newcomer to the industry and country, June spent the last few years as an energy efficiency professional in Sydney, but just could not resist the allure of glossy magazines any longer. When she is not keeping her hands busy in her craft room (a real thing, people) or kicking around a football, there is a chance you can find her parked in front of the TV with a Playstation controller glued to her hands. She doesn't advocate binge video gaming as part of a healthy lifestyle and considers it guilty pleasure, much like cheeseburgers.

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