Davina Goh’s Night Run Running Diaries – Part 2

Catch up on how our KOL is preparing for the upcoming Men’s Health Women’s Health Night Run by AIA Vitality


Davina Goh’s Night Run Running Diaries – Part 2

I ran 10km the night before my workout... Until 11:30pm! The next morning, I turned up exhausted for my training session with Jeck Beng. I thought the run would have given me a good sleep, but it did the opposite.

Jeck explained that the time we work out affects different people in different ways. I learned the hard way that daytime workouts suit me better.

For the training session, Jeck gave me an upper body workout to allow my legs to recover. I was anxious about my first bench press experience, but Jeck’s supervision and guidance helped me get through it without hiccups.

My core already feels a lot stronger after just a few sessions!


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