Fit Malaysian Girls We Follow On Instagram

Didnt think wed leave out the girls, did you?


Fit Malaysian Girls We Follow On Instagram

We let you in on who we thought the hottest guys on Instagram were, but we didn’t think it fair if we also didn’t share some of our girl crushes. These chicks all have one thing in common —they’re an embodiment of what strength means in their chosen field and we’re stoked we get to share some of their baddassery with you.

1. Farah Ann
National gymnast, SEA Games gold medallist and ex cover-girl Farah Ann Abdul Hadi showed us that her grace transcended the gymnastics floor when she drew attention for something other than her gold medal accomplishments at the SEA Games in 2015. We’re not going to mention what the other thing was because, yeah, gold medals, guys.

2. Nicol David 
Also an ex cover-girl, Dato Nicol David’s squash accolades are tremendous —she was world number 1 for nine consecutive years and still dominates the sport in the global arena.

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3. Ann Osman
Ann ‘Athena’ Osman (as she is known in the MMA world) is a formidable force in the cage, thanks to hours and hours of dedication to her training. Outside of the cage however, she’s a total sweetheart.

4. Janell Tan
The co-owner of Kettlebowl granola and one half of Nick and Nell, Janell Tan credits her abs to grueling Crossfit training (which she makes look super easy, btw) and clean eating.

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5. Goh Liu Ying
The whole nation rallied behind national badminton star and her partner Chan Peng Soon when they faced off against Indonesia in last year’s Rio Olympics. Who could forget the nailbiting finish that netted them a silver medal?

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6. Linora Low 
The popular Mix FM radio announcer and Under Armour ambassador always seems to have so much positive energy! We want to know what her secret is, and when we find out, we’ll tell you.

7. Robyn Lau  
Certified yoga teacher Robyn Lau is a pro when it comes to bending it not like Beckham (or maybe she is, we’re not sure), but rather like bhakasana (crow pose, for us mere mortals). She taught us everything we know about acroyoga!

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8. Pandelela Rinong

National darling and Olympic silver medallist Pandelela Rinong loves two things: K Pop, and Diving. Despite her age, she’s a true pro when she gets up on those platforms and consistently executes beautiful dives. Seriously, check out her Instagram vid —she’s flawless.

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Training in progress.?? #dailypandelela #celebrationoflifeday #nationalactivityprofessionalsday #tgif

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9. Katrina Ann
An accomplished athlete in her own right, Katrina Ann is none other than Farah Ann’s older sister and is also a SEA Games gold medallist in synchronised swimming.

10. Sherlyn Tan
The founder of Twenty3 showed us the redemptive power of fitness —and may we also add that her MOVE by Twenty3 designs are gorgeous?


This body, I know majority of the Malaysians will not like it. But I love my body. What I see in this picture is all my hard work working towards my goal. I don't want to be skinny. I want to be strong ?? btw, you might think I look big in these photos. I'm actually one size down. I'm saying this not because one size down is good. It's to help you with your fear of getting "big". 2 more weeks and it's time to grow these beautiful muscles. I love who I am. I love my body. I love who I want to be. ?? . And also, photos are taken with good lighting and editing. ??? . #twenty3 #move23 #weightlifting #physiqueupdate #loveyourself #fitness #healthylifestyle  #eatclean #mealprep #fatloss #bodybuilding #bikinibody #transformationtuesday #bloated #focusonyourself #happy #realitycheck #cheatmeal  #strongnotskinny #booty #weightloss #fatloss #mealprep #kaylaitsines #bbg #happylife #caloriedeficit #iifym

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11. Nana Al Haleq
Always a source of #fitspiration, fitness model and motivator and Under Armour ambassador Nana Al Haleq is always coming up with new ways to work different parts of the body. We’re always checking out her feed for new move ideas!


I believe every women have a fit story. I believe every women experience the ups and down of not just overcoming fear, hurdles, and challenges in pursuing their fitness goal...but also gaining strength in confidence, body image and individuality. I believe every women is strong. Strong women have no fear in sharing her flaws, her imperfections and her mistakes with the world. Smiles and kindness are her best suits weapon. Strong women lift others and offers helping hand, embrace & celebrate joy and blessings of others, inspires others to be better version of themselves. I believe every women is powerful. A powerful women turn negativities to positivities. A powerful women leads but her ears and mind always open for opinions, ideas and suggestions. A powerful women compose herself when she is mock and offers love in return. A powerful women do not fear change and new ventures as backing down or giving up is not in her dictionary. I believe all women are created equal and have all the above qualities. I believe through time and experience, every women are able to be the best version of themselves. I believe every women are capable of self love, a gift of giving, and success. I believe every women is amazing. I believe every women is perfect in their own way. I believe each of us is unique. I believe every women have a pair of iron wings, waiting to spread and fly. Believe in yourself. We are equal. I'm no different. Inspired to inspire. Waiting on more opportunities to spread my wings further with love, tenderness, care and hope. #ShapeMyFitGirl #ShapeProud #ShapeMalaysia #ShapeMagazine

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12. Leong Mun Yee 
Ex-Olympian and diving veteran Leong Mun Yee has won a whopping 15 medals at the SEA Games and has represented the nation since her international debut at the tender age of 14 at the 1998 Commonwealth Games.



13. Sharifah Sakinah 
Our very first cover girl and actress turned fitness role model persevered with sharing her goal to inspire women all over the country. She’s now expecting her first bundle of joy and can we just say she looks magnificent? Congratulations, Sharifah!


Good afternoon balls! so pregnant now . It looks like i swallowed a big ball and its stuck in my tummy.

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14. Aishah Sinclair 
Media personality, ex cover girl and Mix FM radio announcer Aishah Sinclair is an avid runner and often hits the pavement with her family. She’s a big believer in running in a pack! 

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15. Atilia Haron 
With her unmistakable pixie cut, Atilia Haron is known for her singing abilities as well as her ability to stop, drop and get into a handstand in the blink of an eye.


im back mofos! what did i miss? @yogaonethatiwantstudios @hippiehubbers

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16. Geraldine Read 
The Kuching-born racecar driver has had to battle her fair share of gender stereotyping. Fortunately, she’s chosen to persevere and currently films ‘GIRL TORQUE’, a web series that showcases the world of motorsports from a female perspective.

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17. Lenna Lim 
The actress and Adidas ambassador has admitted that she is ‘Not a gym person’ but is an avid cyclist. She is also game for trying almost all other types of outdoor activities and you can see her kayaking, golfing, running, and of course, cycling on her Instagram feed.


Sweat out the stress. ????

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18. Sarah Lian 
Props to our ex cover girl Sarah Lian for netting the Best Supporting Actress award at the Los Angeles Film Awards! The go-getter espouses a can do attitude whose personal motto is ‘The harder I work, the luckier I get.’ Gotta say, it seems to be paying off for her!

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19. Azura Zainal 
The personable and instantly-likeable TV host, emcee and radio announcer loves working out and can be seen working on her capoeira and Fit Combat classes on her Instagram feed.

20. Suhaili Micheline 
For the enormously talented Suhaili Micheline, dancing runs in her blood—her mum owns two dance studios and she was a runner up in Malaysia’s So You Think You Can Dance in 2007.

 21. Jojo Struys
TV Host and wellness warrior Jojo Struys’ passion for yoga took her to India to study the practice in an ashram in the Himalayn foothills. She also runs stress management and breathing technique corporate workshops when she’s not meditating or hosting her own TV shows.

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22. Monika Sta Maria 
If this pretty face looks familiar, it might be because you’ve either a) seen her on our cover, or b) caught an episode or two of Asia’s Next Top Model. The half Filipino half Malaysian stunner can often be seen in her feed whizzing by on two wheels.


This mornings amazing escape before work and ?? .

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23. Jazel Lim 
Pint-sized social media influencer Jazel Lim is a great example of how small can be strong. She can frequently be seen hitting the gym with her beau, ex Men’s Health Malaysia cover star, Dennis Yin.

24. Talitha Tan 
Local songstress Talitha Tan has a pretty uncommon pastime – parkour. She’s basically really good at climbing stuff —check out this shot of her on top of Putrajaya Bridge. We’re not sure how she got up there, but it gives us the heebie-jeebies. We salute her bravado.

25. Anuja Ananthan 
Long and limber Anuja is a banking and finance TV Host, emcee and yoga teacher. Be sure you’re not seeing double though, as identical twin sister Thanuja Ananthan looks almost, well, identical. The ex-model often posts up different poses with advice on how you can nail them too.

26. Michelle Tan aka Mishie Hoops 
The former risk manager and project manager gave up the corporate life for hula hooping and founded The Hula Hoop Institute, which organises hula hoop retreats where like-minded hooping enthusiasts can get together and develop their skills in the art.

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27. Davina Goh 
A strong advocate for living a plant-based lifestyle, Davina Goh manages to live a fully active life while happily subsisting on a vegan diet.

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Before turning vegetarian 5 years ago, my energy levels were at an all-time low. There wasn't a day that I wasn't nodding off at the office, and I was even falling sleep during nights out in town! When I made the transition to a meatless diet, those post-lunch slumps and near-narcoleptic crashes came to a quick halt, and I found that I had enough juice to get up early on weekdays and sneak in a 40 minute jog before catching the bus to work. Now as a vegan, I can run faster and further. The copious amounts of energy I have received purely from plants to maintain my active lifestyle is something I hope everyone can experience for themselves at some point or another. #davinadavegan #meatlessmonday #asianvegan #nomeatathlete #vegan #vegansofig #vegetarian #plantbased #health #activelifestyle #keepmoving #motivationmonday #fitness #oudoors #running #training #journey

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28. Andrea Lim -
The certified medical doctor is also a co-founder of Peak Fitness Gym in Kuala Lumpur. To add to her impressive list of qualifications, she’s also a Les Mills and RPM Instructor!

29. Sandra Woo 
This bendy yogi incorporates wheels as part of her repertoire —you can catch her leading cycle-yoga classes at hip studio, Flycycle.

30. Isabella Wong
Handmade Heroes founder Isabella Wong doesn’t shy away from a good sweat, and when she’s not working on growing her vegan line of skincare products, there’s a pretty good chance she’s on the road or teaching a Flycycle class. We can’t stop looking at her picture perfect array of travel snaps.

31. Carey Ng 
Ex-dancer and beauty queen Carey Ng recently got hitched to entrepreneur and past MH cover guy Roen Cian. Congratulations to the happy couple as they enjoy their honeymoon!


Yipppee... It's a day off! | #adidaswomen #adidasmy #dance

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32. Natasha Loo
PR executive and girl-next-door Natasha Loo makes it her personal motto to sweat at least once a day. Judging by her Instagram feed, we’ll say she’s succeeding!

33. Audra Roslani 
We’re rounding out our list of Fit Girls with none other than someone near and dear to us, ex Fashion and Beauty Ed Audra Roslani. We’re all rooting for her as she progresses towards #arroadto100 and are super proud of all the progress she’s made so far.

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