Get To Know These Malaysian Personal Trainers

Who knows, one of them might end up training you!


Get To Know These Malaysian Personal Trainers

At some point in your life, you might find that you need another pair of eyes and an extra push to help you achieve your next fitness goal. Personal Trainers can help you do this for several reasons—they can help re-evaluate your fitness goals and adjust them to make them easier to reach. Based on this information, they can also zero in on the kind of work you need to be doing to reach those goals.

Where there are specific concerns (injury, pregnancy, or other mobility issues) they can also help you work around/with those so that you’re still making the kind of progress you need to be making. So if you want to know who’s out there, we’ve rounded up a list of some of our trainer pals who might just be the PT you’re looking for.

1. Nurul Amirah (Amie)
An ex-state softball player, Amie has always loved living an active, healthy lifestyle. Growing up, she always felt happiest and more energetic anytime she was doing sports and even now, Amie says that she feels that “health and fitness was my destiny”. Good thing she’s a personal trainer then! She loves helping other people come around to how she feels about health and fitness and relishes the feeling of helping her clients achieve their fitness goals.

She’s also passionate about dispensing educational and easy exercise tips and hopes to be a role model for others to follow. A true outdoor-woman, her “love for nature is indescribable” and her idea of fun is doing things like hiking, rock climing, kayaking and white water rafting. She represented Universiti Teknologi MARA Perlis in cycling and hopes to one day be a fitness model. Like us, Amie’s weak spot is a loaded cheeseburger with fries topped off with chocolate cake.

Specialises In: Weight loss and strength training

You can find her at Fitness First Setia City Mall or on Instagram.

2. Moon Goh Su Lie
Growing up, Moon was never active and considered her worst enemy running. A visit to the doctor was a wake up call for her and she was advised that she needed to start exercising in order to stay healthy. She's come a long way since then, competing in crossfit competition (after only a year of crossfit training!) The Juggernaut Malaysia this year and finishing Top 7 as well as Under Armour's Test Of Will competition and finishing Top 5. Pretty phenomenal for someone who was inactive as recently as a few years ago!  

The transformative power of exercise is what made her want to share her knowledge and expertise as a personal trainer. Nothing makes her prouder than seeing the progress her clients make and if that's not enough, she's also certified in fitness nutrition and prenatal & postpartum training. If she's not in the gym teaching people how to lift heavy, there's a good chance you'll find her in the kitchen whipping up her next batch of baked goods! 

Specialises in: Olympic weightlifting, functional training, weight loss

Find her at Celebrity Fitness (predominantly Jaya One and Mid Valley, but she might also make an appearance at other branches!) and on Instagram

3. Hiew Yoke Ping
A graduate of SUNY (State University of New York) Buffalo, Ping holds a Bachelor of Exercise Science and has been a Personal Trainer for five years. She’s a Fitness First Signature Flow Yoga Certified Instructor and also teaches Body Balance, the HardCore series, and Power Plate Classes. Needless to say, she really knows what she’s doing.

For any expectant/new mums who are interested in fitness, Ping’s also certified in pre and post-partum pregnancy workshops. Her interest in how the human body connects with exercising is what propelled her to become a personal trainer and also led her to specialise in Functional Training; she’s a firm believer that “functional movement helps us to move better in our daily activities.” It probably comes as no surprise that Ping represented her district in badminton and plays with her friends on her off days and indulges in Korean Barbeque when she can!

Specialises in: Functional Training

Find her at Fitness First at The Gardens Mall or on Instagram.



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4. June Lee
Ex-state sprinter June has been dashing around since she could walk. In addition to being lightning-fast, she can also kick your a**—she was an ex-national Taekwondo athlete, too. With these formidable skills, we recommend you don’t mess with June. She’s been an American Council on Exercise (ACE) certified trainer for about five years and was the second runner up in her first bikini fitness competition last year.

Originally from corporate, June left the lacklustre world of 9-5 for a more fulfilling job as a personal trainer. She thrives on setting and achieving goals within a particular timeframe and takes an analytical approach to reviewing and refining these goals. If you ever happen to come across some and want to butter her up, June has a particular fondness for Cadbury fingers.

Specialises In: Physique transformation, mass gain and fat loss

Find her at Fit Malaysia and on Instagram.


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5. Carol Leong
Coming from a Taekwondo and Capoeira background, Carol loves nothing more than the feeling you get after a great workout. As with any trainer, she finds drive and motivation in seeing the health and fitness progress her members make, whether that’s switching out bad habits, getting over body aches and pains, getting off prescription medication, or burning fat! If she wasn’t a trainer/manager at the women’s only gym Curves, she’d probably go back to being a professional engineer. She follows the 80/20 rule when it comes to her diet but is partial to a good burger, fries and a cold beer. We’ll cheers to that.

Specialises In: Curves’ 30 Minute Strength Training Programme

Find her on Instagram or at Curves gyms around Kuala Lumpur and Petaling Jaya

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6. Michelle Lim Hui Hui
Don't underestimate this pocket rocket—she's a dancer and her idea of fun is tackling some super tough obstacle courses, like the Spartan Race. She's been a personal trainer for three years and cannot think of another profession that would be as enjoyable or as fulfilling. She loves the idea of making a positive change in her clients' lives and that every lesson brings them closer towards being healthier, fitter people. Lucky for her, she's got the full support of her folks behind her, and admits that her Achilles heel is a cheeky bit of chocolate. You and us both, Michelle. 

Specialises in: Corrective movement training, functional training

Find her at Celebrity Fitness Bangsar Village 2 and on Instagram

7. Raha Jalil
You don’t want to mess with Raha! She’s got a black belt in karate, but getting to that milestone was not an easy journey. Raha was made fun of for her small size and lack of sporting prowess by her classmates and, believe it or not, even her teachers. She proved them all wrong when she achieved a silver medal in a national championship. Through her coaches, she realised that their guidance moulded her into the person she was and she realised that “they made me a bigger person than just my size.”

As a former “bullied, nerdy girl”, she understood all too well the frustrations of not fitting society’s physical ideals and wanted to contribute to the community and make a meaningful difference in people’s lives. She sees personal training as more than a job and as more than something to pay the bills—for Raha, it truly is her passion. She’s all about challenging stereotypes, too, saying that “People look for a muscular male trainer because physical impressions matter the most. I’m not even 5 feet, but that doesn’t mean I am not able to help people. Fitness is for everyone. Everyone deserves to be a better version of themselves, regardless of age or gender.”

The self-confessed introvert is a homebody, preferring the company of her cats and a good video game to going out for a wild night. And if she’s not at home, the avid snorkeller and diver might be planning her next island holiday!

Specialises In: Weight loss

Find her at Fitness First, The Curve and on Instagram.

8. Marie Ann Ng
A self-confessed ‘ex-fat kid’, Marie incorporated fitness into her life at the tender age of 13. After moving to Melbourne at 16, she realised just how different the culture was over there. “Sports [is] a big part the curriculum over there,” and she took up netball and swimming. It was at this stage of her life that she realised there were many different elements to fitness, and that it was far from a one dimensional discipline.

Fast forward to her adult life—she left the corporate world and got ASP (Australian Strength Performance) and ASCA (Australian Strength and Conditioning) certified three years ago and considers it her best move ever. As someone who has been through and seen it all—“I did my share of yoyo dieting, starving myself, fad diets (you name it, I've tried it), slim wraps and three gym sessions a day. I was so stressed out [and] burnt out, I binge ate and damaged my body and metabolism.” This was her ultimate lesson—“I learnt that there was no quick fix for getting where I wanted to be.”

On what drives her, she adds that “It pains me to watch young girls struggling with their bodies the way I did when I was younger; going through the same mistakes I did just to achieve the body that society has made them think they should have. Not every woman was made to be a size 0 [and] starving won't make you happy. Not wanting people to make the same mistakes I made is what drives me.” When she’s not in the gym, she’s probably cooking up a storm and trying to work out a way she can juggle being a personal trainer AND a panda nanny. Dream big, Marie.

Specialises In: Fat loss and physique transformation

Find her at KOA Fitness and on Instagram.

9. Ain Ramli
A lifelong athlete, Ain has been active since she was a child. She was a track and field athlete who became a national rower, competing in the 2013 SEA Games in Myanmar (hence her enviably toned arms!). She credits fitness and nutrition with getting her out of a tough spot in her life—something she is passionate in sharing with the community. A family-oriented person, when she’s not in the gym, she can be found spending quality time with her loved ones or being active outdoors. She lists her favourite cheat meals as Krispy Kremes, pizza, Burger Lab and chocolate! Gotta say we agree with her.

Specialises In: Group training (plyometrics and circuit training), conditioning and resistance training, functional training, post-natal training

Send her an email, find her on Instagram or at Visionbody, Bukit Utama


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10. Sara Ruzana
A trained physiotherapist, Sara has been active her whole life, representing Kuala Lumpur in both Netball and aerobic dancing for 10 years. On top of all this, she's been a qualified Zumba trainer for five years and her passion in wanting to help others reach their fitness goals led to her becoming a personal trainer. She’s a true team player, finding motivation from her peers and translating that into providing the best advice and expertise she can to her clients. You would probably never guess by looking at her, but her idea of a cheat meal is McDonald’s and pizza. We’re with you on this one, Sara!

Specialises in: Rehab

Find her at Fitness First Platinum, 1 Mont Kiara or on Instagram.

11. Josephine See
Josephine is an ACE certified Personal Trainer and a Crossfit Level 1 Trainer who has been actively Crossfit-ing for the last year. Her positive experiences with personal trainers in the past inspired her be a positive force in others’ lives too. A trainer who is driven by her clients’ progress and hard work, she finds motivation in the people around her. Her indulgences include satay, gourmet burgers and dessert (us too!) and when not in the gym, she is often watching movies, journaling or travelling.

Specialises In: Strength training, weight training, functional movement training (particularly when it comes to postural deviations).

Find her on Instagram and leading Bootcamp classes at Crossfit Lah in Bangsar!

12. Koen Tan
Koen found solace and strength in fitness, gaining confidence in her journey towards bettering herself. Being able to go through this transformation herself inspired her to help others do the same and it’s this feeling that makes her grateful for each day. If we’ve learned anything, it’s that even PTs need their cheat meals, and Koen’s favourites are Nutella and pizza. Right there with you, girl. Despite this, dedication and discipline are important to her—this makes a lot of sense as someone who used to compete in kickboxing tournaments! If she wasn’t a personal trainer, you’d probably find her back in the ring and doing what comes naturally to her—being fighting fit.

Specialises in: Functional training and rehab

Find her at Fitness First Menara Manulife or on Instagram.

13. Nadia Valentina
Nadia’s been active her entire life, having a particular affinity for tennis, which she took up at the age of 15. She’s probably tried every kind of fitness class under the sun, has spent a lot of time at the gym, and won a competition called ‘Fit in Ten’ back in 2012. Since then, she’s had many people ask her for advice and training, which evolved into her current profession. She’s passionate about helping people reach their fitness goals and if she weren’t in the fitness industry, she’d probably be teaching other people how to play music. Nadia’s a green tea fiend and isn’t ashamed to say she enjoys a good buffet once a while. We’re sure she’s earned it, though!

Specialises in: Training women and kids

Find her at Fitmosphere and on Instagram.

14. Yeoh Ee Ling
Originally a dietitian, Ee Ling is qualified to dish out both nutrition and exercise advice. She’s an ACE certified personal trainer and is currently Education Manager at Fit Malaysia. In other words, she trains personal trainers so that they in turn can help others live better, fitter lives. She loves this aspect of her work and finds it particularly empowering. She considers fluffy pancakes drenched with butter and maple syrup with a side of ice cream her ultimate cheat meal (don’t blame her AT ALL, because that sounds amazing) and if she weren’t a personal trainer, she’d like to be a vacation tester. Hear, hear.

Specialises In: General health and fitness goals

Find her at Fit Malaysia and on Instagram.

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