Linora Low And Nana Al Haleq Make It On To Buzzfeed



Linora Low And Nana Al Haleq Make It On To Buzzfeed
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In case you missed it, local fitness personalities Linora Low and Nana Al Haleq made it on to a Buzzfeed list of ’22 Women On Instagram Who Will Inspire Your Health And Fitness Journey’. We’re not surprised, given how hard they work at being super fit, and their massive followings here.

Speaking to us previously, Al Haleq said “As a motivator, I feel like I have this responsibility whereby I should share my knowledge and what I’ve learned to help others reach their fitness goals. I have to thank my social media followers for their continued support; they’re a huge part of what keeps me going.”

It seems to have worked as her posts are now being noticed by an international audience!

Part of Low’s ability to keep going is her admirable drive and devil-may-care attitude, adding that “People may stare, but I don’t care. Sweating feels good and I’m definitely more awake for the show!”

Take it from us—both their feeds are sources of great workouts accompanied by grounded, relatable advice that’ll inspire any girl to get up and get moving. Check out some of their recent snaps here!


Cheeky smiles means pain 😅 Feels good today. Finally after lots of rehab exercises, correctional exercises and hip flexor no longer feel iffy when performing any core/abs exercises. But I know, that doesn't mean I can ditch all the correctional exercises and move forward. I know there are still work needed to get done. And of course, putting in efforts and time to really really stretch n warm up before the real deal commence. When I say long, I mean at least I need 20-30mins. Aged is finally catching up. Like honestly need to do series of hip opening and dynamic stretching to like super warm up them old joints 😅 #FallToRiseStronger #NeverCompareYourJourneyWithOthers #YeapAgeCanBeAHugeFactor #IWill

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