We Tried Reebok’s Floatride Premium Running Shoes—Here’s How They Felt

These new runners from Reebok look cool, but how did they fare?


We Tried Reebok’s Floatride Running Shoes—Here’s How They Felt

Touted as Reebok’s most technically advanced running shoe to date, the Floatride incorporates several notable features that I experienced firsthand on my 8k run.

The first of these is the incorporation of their dynamically springy Floatride Foam, which is meant to provide the optimal balance of softness and responsiveness to feel both intensely comfortable and allow the wearer to perform at their peak.

They haven’t been called the Floatrides by accident—they were engineered so that runners felt like they were floating as they ran, which is something I can attest to. Generally, I never really feel like I’m floating as I run, but these shoes do have a very light step which can make your run feel more effortless—a win for any runner in training.

The seam-free Ultraknit upper feels well suited for our climate—it’s snug and its sock-like but sturdy construction hugged the shape of my feet well in addition to being one of the most breathable shoes I’ve ever worn. Putting on them, I could feel that these shoes were engineered for speed, thanks in large part to that Floatride Foam we spoke of earlier, which was hugely responsive over the course of the run.

Looking at their soles, it’s easy to see that they’d been designed with road-running in mind, but that being said, Malaysian pavements are not always the friendliest, and they held up well regardless. Reebok has also engineered an EVA support rim as part of the sole, which lends a discernible amount of stability without compromising on flexibility or cushioning. This could be important if you have wonky ankles or instability issues.

One thing I did notice was that sizes tended to run bigger than usual – I’m normally a US size 5, and sizes for the Floatrides start from 6—and a large 6 at that. I had ample space in the toe box, though the cuff and the surrounding cage did cup my foot well. It’s just a shame they were a touch too big. Despite this, I did feel the shoes cut into my arch, so they might be better suited to those who have narrower feet or need a higher insole.

Let’s not forget their aesthetics—in fusing their Ultraknit upper with the cage and fluorescent moulded heel, Reebok definitely have not overlooked the aesthetics of the shoes. In short, they look slick, striking and would elevate the look of any athleisure ensemble. So if you’re looking to make the move from run to brunch, this could be the pair that takes you there in comfort and style.

The Reebok Floatrides are available at any Reebok store for RM679.


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