Women's Health July 2017: Featuring Alexandra Daddario

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Women's Health July 2017: Featuring Alexandra Daddario
eric ray davidson

You Can Take the Girl Out of the City...

The word ‘camping’ used to send shivers down my spine and, even as a carefree kid, I never joined the Girl Guides because I was afraid of the great unknown.

As much as I love the idea of nature and animals, my version of hell is having nothing between my bare feet and the wet jungle floor—not that I will put myself in that situation in the first place. I’m the sort of person who uses rocks as stepping stones if I have to cross muddy paths and sprays on enough insect repellent to form a DEET force field. You get my drift; I’m more of a concrete jungle girl than the kind with actual trees.

In this month’s issue, we’ve put together a collection of stories that will hopefully equip you with the tools that you need if camping and outdoor activities are as foreign to you as they are for a city girl like me.

When you are an outdoorsy girl who enjoys her wilderness adventures, then you should protect your skin more than ever. In ‘Written All Over Your Face’, we have care tips for sun-damaged, irritated, dry and acne-prone skin.

And if you love outdoor activities, you should definitely read ‘Fresh Air That Ain’t’. While we encourage you to take your routine outside, there are some rules that you should abide by if you want a safe and healthy experience.

What better way to celebrate eating outdoors than a picnic? Seeing as how we are subjected to sudden downpours and scorching hot sun all in one day, in ‘Basket Optional’, we teach you how to turn even a stormy day into one to roll out the blanket and feast!

In our outdoors guide compilation, who better to tell us how to protect ourselves when we are ‘out there’ than Baywatch hottie Alexandra Daddario. She even offers a quick workout plan for a bod that can withstand the elements better in ‘Beach Please’. 

While there’s fun in doing all the above in a group and with a partner, I think the biggest adventure that you can have is doing them on your own. In the ‘The Power of One’, we offer solutions on how you can pack for a solo adventure.

I don’t want to blame my parents, but a big part of me being so afraid of the great outdoors is a combination of having an overprotective, OCD mum who wouldn’t even let us play in our own backyard because she was afraid something would attack us or that we would fall down and hurt ourselves. Then there was my dad who would scare us silly with stories about flesh-eating creatures to stop us from doing stuff that would incur our mum’s wrath. Once that fear of critters and unknown dangers was created, they were then used to frighten us kids into behaving.

Over the years, I’ve learned to appreciate nature more. I think a huge part of me just wanted to get past that fear that stopped me from doing fun and adventurous stuff. Of course, I still do all this on the down low without my parents’ knowledge (yup, I’m still that kid!). And I also still wear enough insect repellent to hopefully stop a swarm—dengue, malaria and other insect-borne diseases are real in the tropics—but I am participating in more outings that bring me closer to nature. I’m basically taking it one step at a time, and gradually building myself up for an actual camping trip one of these days. Wish me luck!


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