Women's Health June 2017: Featuring Vanessa Hudgens

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Women's Health June 2017: Featuring Vanessa Hudgens
jeff lipsky

Just Add Water
While it’s almost redundant to use the word “summer” here, we can echo our sisters around the globe and ride the same wave of excitement (or anxiety). As they train harder for the beach, we in Malaysia have been prepping for impromptu pool parties since, like, forever. Sunblock? Check! Bikini wax? Check! Toned body? Getting there... So, if you’re game for a little fun in the sun, let me introduce the ideas that we have this month to help you reach your goals faster!

Eat clean and still have fun
Here’s where I struggle the most. I’m a huge fan of junk food, sweets and burgers. And since June is the unofficial barbecue and pool party season, all three seem to come at me at full force. Since I know that this problem isn’t unique to me, I’ve found the best recipes for healthy popsicles in ‘Frozen Assets’—my favourites are the Thai Iced Coffee and Blood Orange and Cream—and hamburgers in ‘Be a Burger Queen’. You’ll be surprised how delicious non-beef options can be. Even Hollywood celebrities aren’t immune to junk food cravings, as our cover girl Vanessa Hudgens confesses. Who knew she used to live off Cheetos so much that her fingers were stained red from all the food colouring? Read how she overcame her addiction in ‘Don’t Believe Her Sports Bra’ to find out how she became “that woman” who binges on avocados and salads, and now loving it. 

Bring back that fire!
It’s no secret that we get demotivated mid-year. We might have reached a plateau, or we’re bored by our workout routine, or we’ve simply accumulated too many distractions along the way. ‘Boost Your Willpower’ and ‘Happy Mid-Year’ show you how to hit the reset button and tackle the rest of the year with newfound enthusiasm. Once you’re back on track, ‘Lift Yourself Up’ will keep that spark burning bright. This circuit only takes 14 minutes—no equipment necessary—and can be done anywhere, anytime!

Protect your assets
But whatever you get up to in the great outdoors, never neglect your skin. Read ‘We’re Blocking You’ to find out if you’re practising the correct way of sun shielding. And because there’s so much sunblock intel out there, we’ve narrowed it down to only what’s crucial, along with the products that will suit your active lifestyle. Another organ that needs that extra TLC under the scorching sun are your peepers. In ‘Throwing Shade’, we suggest sunnies that will up your score in both the style and sport stakes, and the perfect makeup to complete your look in ‘The Shining’.

We’ve got you covered from head to toe. Have fun and happy reading!


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