WHs Favourite Workout Tunes

Do your workout playlists look anything like ours?


WHs Favourite Workout Tunes

There is no doubt that music can play a huge role in the way that we train, and even how long we train for. A study from Brunel University found that listening to music increases your endurance by 15%, especially during cardio.

One of Malaysia’s pioneering music therapists, James Yeow of HELP University, describes the power of music as being able to “distract yourself from some things that may come in the way of you reaching your targets,” such as pain or exhaustion. So if what you’re chasing is that elusive PB, music is one of the things that might help you beat it.

Here, we’ve brought together our different (and sometimes even clashing!) music tastes together to bring you a playlist that will hopefully help motivate and spur your fitness progress on.

Can you guess who picked which songs? If want to let us know your favourite tunes, you get in touch my emailing editor@womens-health.com.my!


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