Joy Is A Skill You Can Learn: How To Turn Your Crappy Mood Into A Happy One

30 is the new 20


How To Turn Your Crappy Mood Into A Happy One

It blows: Thirty-somethings used to be happier than people in their teens and twenties, but a new study found that advantage has declined over the past five years (the authors cite financial and professional pressures). Chin up, buttercup - turns out, joy is a skill you can learn, not just a feeling, says Kristi Ling, author of Operation Happiness*. How to turn crappy to happy, below:

Try ho‘oponopono
It’s funny to say, and this Hawaiian practice can boost your mood too. When a stressful situation comes to mind (think: a fight with your mom), mentally repeat, “I’m sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you. I love you.” It can erase negative emotions.

Separate Feelings From Circumstances
You can’t help how your boss treats you, but you can help how you react to it. Ling suggests focusing on positivity when things get neggy by thinking of three things you’re grateful for in your life - you’ll take back the power over how you feel and how you view the world.

Simplify Everything
Downer people, packed schedules and cluttered rooms can weigh you down, says Ling. Donate the stuff you don’t love, cut haters out of your life and gracefully step out of commitments that aren’t necessary. Ahhh.

*Operation Happiness is published by Rodale Inc., publisher of Women’s Health.


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