23 Embroidery Artists Worth The Follow On Instagram

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23 Embroidery Artists Worth The Follow On Instagram

Aside from uploading your usual double-chinned selfies and 200 photos of your obnoxious, but endearing cat sleeping in yet another weird position (it can’t be just us right?!), Instagram is also a great place to collect information, look for inspiration and show off your talents.

The social media platform has taken art to a whole new level by giving artists a way to showcase their talents, such as these beautifully curated embroidery art accounts. Whether embroidery is the new adult colouring book, just looking at them is enough to calm our nerves, let alone what it would do for those who are creating these art pieces. Here are 23 embroidery artists whose work just can’t stop looking at!


Everything good comes in pairs with Maricormaricar. These twins create beautiful hand crafted works of art that mix mediums of paint, beading and embroidery for works that really pop off of the canvas.


Full. #embroidery #embroideryhoop #embroideryart #handembroidery

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Sheena Liam 

We all know Sheena Liam, Asia's Next Top Model cycle 2 winner, local model and all around fabulous person, but do you know Sheena Liam, embroidery artist extraordinaire? Sheena stitches beautiful 2D images of girls with even more beautiful 3D hairstyles that range from braids to buns. There’s nothing quite like her kind of embroidery and this is why we love it so much!

Adam Pritchett 

Adam Pritchett’s pieces are eclectic, dainty and full of texture. Nature and biology seem to be common themes in his work with spiders, insects and flowers making the most appearances.

Sarah K Benning 

This artist’s feed is full of lush greenery and we love the tiny details which go into her work. We also love that her works are full of warmth and dimension. She also posts work done by other embroidery artists to create awareness of the community so you can check out her profile if you’re looking for more of these artists to follow!

Emillie Ferris 

Emillie Ferris’s animal pieces are the most realistic works of art you’ll see all day. The artist recreates stitched pieces of your favourite fluffy family member and they’re so lifelike you could almost mistake them for the real thing! Seriously mesmerising stuff.


this empress dream - 10"x20" on linen #embroidery #embroideryart #bordado #broderie

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Michelle Kingdom 

This artist’s pieces look like a textured watercolour wonderland painting. Her pieces are mostly full of florals, and are feminine and soft.


This sun today is 👌✨

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Stephanie Lapre 

If you follow Stephanie Lapre on Instagram like we do, you’ll know that her pieces are completely made out of straight stitches and the clean lines on her work are perfect for the perfectionist inside everyone. If geometrics are your thing, we can safely say that her works will probably be the most satisfying thing you’ll see all day.


2 Chicken Cordon Blue. . Part of the series 'Food'. . #nicethreadsmate #embroidery #londonart #crafts

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Nice Threads, Mate 

Nice Threads, Mate recreates embroidered tapestries of iconic newspaper articles, as well as photos of frozen food packaging which we highly recommend as they are 100% calorie free, making them 100% guilt free!


Cranes . Photo by @horseshoephoto_ Sign up to my newsletter to find out when I'm next releasing patches - link in bio #elliemacembroidery

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Ellie Mac Embroidery 

Ellie Mac is popular for her luxuriously embroidered patches and clothing. You have to see for yourself because once we saw what she was capable of, we wanted to own everything she’s ever created!


I've got an up-cycled faded black t-shirt on etsy w/red roses🌹it's one of a kind! 🌹 #embroidery #upcycle *sold*

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Tessa Perlow 

Tessa’s pieces are full of character and warmth. Her work reminds us of sitting on the porch on a cool sunny day (humour us) just sipping on some coffee. She also upcycles old clothing and turns them into brand new works of art with only her needle and some thread.

Bannon Addison 

The simple, delicate florals you’ll find on this feed are so beautiful you’ll never want to look anything else!

Carrie Violet 

Memorial Stitches’ fine and neat artworks turn usually ghoulish motifs into beautiful feminine pieces that keep us scrolling, and scrolling, and scrolling.


A little tribute to all the snow we had this year that is now (finally) melting away. ❄

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Caitlin Benson 

The florals on this feed are beautifully simple, but well curated and bold enough to catch anyone’s eye. We wish we were this talented at creating works of art too!


Here’s something a little darker for those of you like that sort of stuff. This feed consists of black cats, bats, skulls, skeletons, and spiders stitched into linen...and even sometimes, human skin! Don’t try the last one at home, guys.

Lisa Smirnova 

Lisa Smirnova has some absolutely beautiful creations. Her embroidery extends from colourful, whimsical portraits of people to decorating clothing in little strokes and stitches. We can’t help but ‘ooh’ and ‘aah’ every time we see that she’s updated her feed!

Lindsay Swearingen 

Aside from featuring beautiful works of embroidery, we can happily report that this feed is also littered with photos of cats. This artist works on mostly darker backgrounds, making her work really pop off the canvas (or fabric, in this case)!


Cute, fun and free, this colourful feed uses different embroidery techniques for some great textured pieces and she even shows you how to do it, so you can try doing them at home by yourself.

Cathy Eliot 

There’s something really satisfying about the colours and short stitches that Cathy Eliot uses in her hoops. She also turns some of her work into pouches and pillows and household items. We love them so much, we might even end up buying some.


I don't always put flowers on my hoops, but when I do.....scratch that. I always put flowers on my hoops. 🌺🌼🌷🌻

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Lolli and Grace 

The extremely vibrant colours on this embroidery feed will draw you in and the artist’s usage of felt gives her work more life and dimension, which we can fully appreciate.  



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Jo Saunders 

Leaves dominate Sew & Saunders’ feed and we can’t help but feel a sense of calm as we gaze upon the complementing hues used in their work. This is a great one for all you minimalists to follow as everything is really clean and easy on the eye.

Nicole Vos van Avezathe 

What’s better than an entire feed of embroidered animal portraits? A feed that’s also sprinkled with photos of fat cats, that’s what. This artist’s feed doesn’t only consist of embroidery, but also features cross stitching, paintings, quilting, and as we mentioned before, photos of her tubby grey cat! Love.


I looooved making this custom hoop. More like this, please! 😊

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Bug and Bean Stitching 

Marley, the artist, makes commissioned pieces that are all one of a kind! Her other colourful hoops are also adorned with 3D stitched florals and funny quotes that everyone can relate to.


"Home is the nicest word there is." Laura Ingalls Wilder

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Thistle and Thread Design 

Thistle and Thread is a husband and wife duo that focuses mainly on pieces showcasing architecture and landscapes and floral scenery. We recommend you pick up a hoop for your home so you’ll always have a scenic view without having to venture very far!



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Moonrise Whims 

This account combines the macabre with the sweet and feminine. It’s perfect for the sweet gal who’s also a little bit edgy on the inside. We dig it.

Who are your favourite Instagram embroidery stars? Did we leave any out? Make sure to drop us an email to let us know if we have!


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