Good News – Kedai Dobi Now Comes To You Thanks To Fresh Press

You won’t need to ask ‘Honey, can you pick up the dry cleaning?’ any longer


Good News – Kedai Dobi Now Comes To You
fresh press

How many of us have stared reluctantly at a pile of dirty clothes knowing that we’ll inevitably have to go through the monotony of doing laundry? Now, thanks to app Fresh Press, you don’t have to!

Fresh Press enables your laundry to be picked up, cleaned and delivered right to your doorstep all through the ease of an app. There is also the option of ordering their services through their website, or by calling or Whatsapp-ing/texting them.

Services they provide are:

  • Wash and Fold (Excluding non-special care items) – RM3.50/kg
  • Wash and Press – RM3 to RM6 per item
  • Dry Cleaning – RM6 to RM30 per item
  • Household Wash and Fold (curtains, bed sheets, tablecloths, etc) – RM6 to RM25 per item
  • Carpet Cleaning – RM3.5 per sq

All you have to do is select your particulars to put the transaction through, wait for your laundry to be picked up and you can expect fresh, clean laundry in as little as 24 hours. The best part? Pickup and delivery is free

For now, Fresh Press operates out of Kuala Lumpur but they are working on expanding to include other areas. 

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