Olympic Open Water Swimmer Heidi Gan's Aqua-Friendly Beauty Tricks

And other quick-fire questions - answered!


Olympic Open Water Swimmer Heidi Gan's Aqua-Friendly Beauty Tricks

We all know Heidi Gan can swim like an Olympian, but let's see how she fares with these quick-fire queries!

What’s your favourite island in Malaysia?
I love Pulau Kapas. When I did the Kapas Marang Swimathon, the environment was untouched, natural and
secluded—which made it all the more challenging and exciting.

Describe your ultimate cake.

A white chocolate mud cake with salted caramel and beautiful decorations like the ones I’ve made. I don’t really eat the cakes that I make. I just sample them to make sure they taste good.

If you were a mermaid, describe your tail...
It would be a dark red, posh-looking tail with a bit of a sparkle and black spikes for that dark edge. This describes my collection of shoes at the moment.

How do you keep your tan so even?

I’m sponsored by Jolyn and they do amazing bathers. I rotate between five and 10 pairs where the back straps are all different. Eventually, the tan lines all merge into one.

What beauty tools do you swear by?
Moisturiser! With swimming, my skin always tends to dry out. And Paw Paw balm seems to solve every beauty problem that I’ve had, from chapped lips to dried-out, chlorine skin.

How do you prevent your hair from drying out?
I use a cream-based, leave-in conditioner since I can’t use an oil-based one like Moroccan oil because it’ll make my cap fall off when I swim. At work, I usually tie my hair up in a bun because I don’t have the time to dry it; but that actually keeps it from drying out in the AC too.

What water-proof or sweatproof makeup do you love?

I love waterproof mascara. I find anything else doesn’t really work.

What’s the one thing that always shocks people about you?
People who don’t know me are usually shocked when they find out that I’m so small, and that I’m an Olympic swimmer. People think Olympians—particularly swimmers—are huge, tall beasts like Michael Phelps!

Your best-kept secret to care for your nether region.

Maintenance and keeping it neat and tidy! I make it my daily bath routine.


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