How To Throw The Best Hens Party In The Klang Valley

Unique ways in Kuala Lumpur to throw a party your bride-to-be friend will never forget!


How To Throw A Hens Party You'll Always Remember

It’s no secret that weddings are a big deal. Part and parcel of that package is the hen’s party thrown for the glowing bride-to-be. But they don’t always have to involve often distasteful antics, and, gulp, strippers.

Let’s face it—strippers are an unpredictable kettle of fish—you just never know how that’s going to turn out, and is that really a gamble you want to take for this important occasion? So we’ve come up with 9 ways for you and your best gal pals to have a ball without making memories that are best left forgotten.

1. Culinary Classes
If you are looking for a cooking class with a difference, consider one at A Little Farm On The Hill. Nestled in the greenery of Bukit Tinggi, this six acre farm feels worlds away from the city but is actually only a 40 minute drive from Kuala Lumpur. Their passion is growing organic produce so you can expect a class that uses only the freshest local produce in an environment that feels wholesome and uncomplicated in the best of ways.


2. Brush Lettering Classes
Trending lately is brush lettering, and you and your girlfriends can give it a shot yourselves by attending the numerous brush lettering classes around the Klang Valley. As a nice gesture, each hen could attempt to letter a heartfelt sentiment and gift it to the bride-to-be—it’ll be a keepsake she’ll treasure for years after. Stickerrific offer numerous classes throughout the year—check out their schedule or make an enquiry within.


3. Afternoon Tea
Once you’re done with classes for the day, refresh with some high tea. Hear us out—we know high tea’s a hen’s party staple but have you ever tried it in the form of an edible terrarium? The Delectable Glasshouse café offers just such a rendition of afternoon tea, in a light-filled glasshouse surrounded by greenery to boot.


DIY Photobooth Props

4. DIY Photobooth Props And a Fun Photoshoot
Here’s another crafty idea well suited to creative hens (and if you’re not, here are a couple of ideas. Pinterest is also a goldmine!)—you could DIY your very own photobooth props! Encourage conversation and good vibes by making it a roundtable activity with a setup that includes materials like scissors, pencils, erasers, glitter and a variety of coloured card and some disposable chopsticks as handles. Don’t forget the glue gun! The best thing is you can customise these props to whatever theme you want for truly one of a kind decorations that you can reuse.

5. Film Screening
Create a memorable, intimate viewing experience by booking out the Screening Room at the Majestic Hotel. The clubhouse chairs and the décor will undoubtedly lend a special ambience to the occasion. Ordinarily, they screen old Hollywood classics from the 30s in there, but they also do provide private viewings for small groups. Perfect for when you want to make Bridesmaids a special part of the celebrations!


Ring Hunt

6. Ring Hunt
Best done at an obliging host’s home, this fun game is a grown up version of an Easter Egg hunt, only with rings instead. These party rings are really affordable and as a fun bonus, they even light up. Plant however many you want in any given space and let the hens loose! The hen who finds the most rings in a set time wins a prize.


The morning sight.

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7. Glamping
Take this opportunity to get out of the city and bond with your fellow hens—without giving up too much of your creature comforts, of course. Caravan Serai is located amongst beautiful hills, rivers and forests, approximately 45 minutes away from Kuala Lumpur, and only 15 minutes away from Bentong.

Guests have a choice between renting a Deluxe Safari Tent or a Caravan Suite, which boasts amenities such as an en suite toilet, a carpeted living hall and a water heater, all in a ‘modern tropical design’. There are various activities to be enjoyed too, such as nature walks, ATV rides, volleyball and, if you’re up for it, karaoke. To add to the experience, bring along some board games (wine optional) too. We highly recommend Monopoly Deal and classics like Taboo and Pictionary to get everyone involved!

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8. Boat Party
Take your celebration to the seas! Charter companies such as Island Getaways and Naam Boat Tours offer a ton of different options for your seafaring activities, whether you’re interested in snorkelling, diving or making a stop on one of Malaysia’s plentiful beaches. A party on one of these boats is definitely a splurge, but it’ll no doubt be a hen’s party to remember!

Bra Pong

9. Bra Pong
You’ve probably heard of beer pong, but have you heard of bra pong? Affix a couple of bras to a board and assign different points to different bras. You could really get creative with this game too—choose a range of colours and really go to town on making the board pop. Hens could either play in teams or individually, taking 5 shots each. Whoever racks up the most points wins a prize!


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