Timeless Travel Tips From A Seasoned Traveller

London based Malaysian travel blogger Alexandra Luella dishes out the best travel advice she’s gathered from her wanderings around the world


Timeless Travel Tips From A Seasoned Traveller
alexandra luella

On Travelling Solo
 As long as you bring along your common sense and pepper spray, why not? No one will judge you for taking too many selfies and you have the bed all to yourself. I would caution over-romanticising solo travel, though. When you are travelling by yourself, your feet can wander but your head can’t. Know what you are doing and why.

Best Eating Spots
I won’t say my recommendations are ‘the best’ because it is so subjective, especially to us Malaysians! I would say my favourite pizza and pasta place is Del Papa in Paris. That place holds so many wonderful memories and the staff are lovely. My default choice for London is beef bun sa from Cay Tre in Soho. When in Kuala Lumpur, I have to have my extra helpings of nasi lemak from Village Park and Chawan. Bet you can’t argue with me about that!

On Staying Active
I keep my energy levels high by getting enough sleep and having an open and accepting mind. I have a workout routine when I’m not travelling so when I travel, it’s all about relaxation and listening to my body. If my body says it’s time for a long walk or to go to the hotel gym, I’ll do that. When it says to go ahead and finish the wine and have two puddings, I gladly oblige. Emotional health is as important as physical. Relax, why beat yourself up on a holiday?

Pro Tips
Your shoes should always go in your suitcase first as the base layer. Fold your clothes the Marie Kondo way. A 45-degree tilt of the head and a big smile always helps when trying for late checkout requests. Unfortunately, it doesn’t always work but it never hurts to try!

Best Travel Tip
Being prepared is important, but you can never be “prepared” enough. Travelling is not running a marathon. We are probably going to the same places as everybody else but we see and experience them all uniquely. Keep things a little mysterious and embrace the unpredictability.

Most Memorable Travel Moment
It has to be indulging in the most glorious chunk of raw honeycomb at Goreme Valley in Cappadocia, Turkey, only for me to wake up to enormously swollen lips the next morning. What a way to find out I’m allergic to beeswax!

Life Lessons
I’ve learned so much from my travels. There are so many ways to live a good life. We are all doing different things in different places but ultimately we all want to have a good life. Travelling allows me to discover many lifestyle choices and pick what works the best for me. But most importantly, it’s learning and absorbing as much as I can while also freeing and unloading my mind.    

Alexandra’s Top Five Well-Being Destinations

  • Bali for the fresh scent of frangipani, massages and unasked-for mozzy bites.
  • The South of France for the charming villages and acres of rolling vineyards.
  • Kyoto for the zen landscape and tea.
  • England for long walks in the countryside followed by a quiet pub lunch.
  • Lastly, home. The moment I board the flight on MAS and fly east, everything is therapeutic.

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