Andrew Kwan Of Revelation Republic - How To Get His Attention

Why this buff bod isn't all just about the muscles


Get To Know: Andrew Kwan Of Revelation Republic
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Andrew Kwan has always been a bundle of energy. “I liked to run around. I just couldn’t sit still as a kid,” he recalls. Fast-forward to the present, and the certified fitness trainer now co-owns Revelation Republic gym in Petaling Jaya with his childhood friend, Jonathan Wong.

But what set the duo on the road to fitness in the first place? “In Never Back Down, there’s a scene in which Cam Gigandet takes his shirt off. We were like, ‘Whoa, we need to get that body!’ he laughs. Shortly after that burst of inspiration, the friends started weight training. But it was only when Kwan took up strength and conditioning training that he truly fell in love with fitness. 

“It really opened my eyes,” he says. “I realised that being a strong athlete made me a better athlete.” Since then, he and Wong have finished first and second in the Under Armour Test of Will 2016 and coached successful power lifters and cross-fit champions. 

So what does the 30-year-old get up to when he’s not sweating it out at the gym? “I love movies. I also try to avoid crowds by going to a quiet café just to unwind,” he says. But that doesn’t mean he’s not a people person. Before venturing into fitness, Kwan worked as a flight attendant for over three years. “I’m generally very passionate about people. I was always on the frontline before venturing into fitness, but I guess there has to be a balance, and that’s my way of relaxing,” he continues. “I also de-stress by taking really long, cold showers. I find it really therapeutic.”

So what’s the best way to attract his attention? “The first thing that I notice in a woman is the way she treats others around her. To me, that matters the most,” he says. “I notice the simplest things, such as how she talks to a waiter, and I guess the respect that she has for others is indicative of her character.” 

He confesses that he’s not much of a romantic, but admits that he’s done some crazy things in the name of love, such as driving to Singapore in the middle of the night without GPS just to see a special someone. But he stresses that he’s “actually quite shy.” 

Should we take that as a sign that we should be the ones to strike up a conversation the next time we see him at the gym? We think so.


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