5 Ways Fitness Will Improve Your Relationship

Keep your relationships in epic shape


5 Ways Fitness Will Improve Your Relationship

1. You’ll Freak Out Less
Yell at home much? “Exercise reduces cortisol, which makes us feel calmer and more reasonable, and it sharpens brain function, so it’s easier to articulate how you feel,” says sports psychologist Dr Gloria Petruzzelli.

2. Family Crises? Pshaw.
No more in-law drama! “Working out can increase mental strength and competence, giving you a sense of ‘I am capable,’” says Hays. And with that boost in brain function comes a bonus: more creative problem-solving.

3. Lovey-Dovey Feels
Research shows that when couples try novel sports together, they report feeling more satisfied in their relationship. The arousal you get from thrilling activities (think scuba diving) can mimic butterfly feelings of attraction.

4. Two Words: Hotter. Sex.
“Working out releases endorphins that are like those released during sex, so it can get you in the mood,” says sex therapist Dr Kat Van Kirk. It also amps blood flow to the genitals, which helps you orgasm more easily.

5. Longevity, Man!
Stick around for your kiddos: One study found that the recommended 150 minutes of weekly activity makes you 31 percent less likely to die over a 14-year period. Real talk!


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