Our Favourite Local WH Guys Reveal Intimate Details

Inspirational words on fitness, love and life from our What Men Think stars


Our Favourite Local WH Guys Reveal Intimate Details
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We gathered the best inspiring quotes from some of our ‘What Men Think’ men who have some great advice and are easy on the eyes too!

Nik Michael Imran, 27, Chef and Host of Cooking for Love

On the dish he’ll make to impress a woman:

“Pancakes with lots of butter, authentic maple syrup blueberries and ricotta cheese. But what’s more important is not what I cook, but when I’ll cook it – and this would be the morning after.

Jazeman Jaafar, 24, Professional Race Car Driver

On the best lesson he’s learned from a relationship:

“That part [and] parcel of growing up is maturity. I’ve only dated girls who are older than me. It’s probably because of the field that I’m in; I’m always surrounded by people who are older than me. Maturity is important especially when it comes to how I react to things.”

Erwan Heussaff, 29, Founder of the Fat Kid Inside Inc.

On the secret to a happy relationship:

“Relationships are hard, because two people are trying to cohabitate in every aspect of their lives. So the key to making sure no one is stepping on anyone’s toes, and that both parties are happy is communication."

Dr Ravinash Ratnam, 25, Physician and 2016 Men’s Health Cover Guy winner

On fitness:

“The biggest change for me was gaining self-confidence. I also learned to handle life issues better. Working out allows me to release stress. It has given me a more positive outlook on life.”

Andrew Kwan, 30, Certified Fitness Trainer and Co-Founder of Revelation Republic     

On what he admires in a woman:

“The first thing that I notice in a woman is the way she treats others around her. To me, that matters the most. I notice the simplest things, such as how she talks to the waiter and I guess the respect that she has for others is indicative of her character.”

Ismael Ma, 26, Visual creator

On photography and travel:

“Sometimes it’s important to not be so worried about the best shot because you just need to indulge all your senses in the beauty that nature has to offer and take advantage of the moment.”

Jonathan Wong, 29, Co-Owner and Head Coach at Revelation Republic Gym

On motivation:

“Nothing motivates me more that seeing my gym members’ self-confidence grow. I always believe that my number one calling is to change lives through teaching and if I can do that for even just one person, then I have achieved what I have set out to do.”

Sean Wong, 28, Managing Director of Gym Box and Entrepreneur

On getting over heartbreaks:

 “Take Adele off your playlist, work out and pay attention to yourself. Learn from your mistakes and learn to love yourself.”

Aaron Chan, 25, Cyclist and Professional Mountain Biker

On motivation:

“Myself, that’s my best motivation. I always want to be better, improve, progress. I think to myself that if I do 20 push-ups yesterday, I can do 25 today. I live on the fact that I can improve everyday.”

Ishaq Vadillo, 22, Spin Instructor at Flycycle

On motivation:
“Out of everything, my favourite part [of my job] is just putting a smile on people’s faces. When you know that you’ve made someone’s day with a good class, it makes your day feel 10 times better.”


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