Yuna Posted The Most Heartfelt Declaration Of Love To Her FiancÚ

We are reading, and we are weeping!


Yuna's Heartfelt Declaration Of Love
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Local songstress Yuna recently got engaged to Adam Sinclair, and it was pretty hard to miss how happy the pair looked to be sharing the big day with their friends and family, and each other in their engagement video.

Though their engagement may have been recent, we found a wonderful post from October last year, where Yuna wrote about what it meant to be in love with someone who is loyal, steady and true. We love how it doesn’t embellish the grand gestures that so often get misconstrued as gestures of love but are more often than not, gestures of excess (that Chinese guy who proposed to his then girlfriend with 99 iPhone 6s comes to mind), but instead focuses on the small, but truly important things that will make any long term relationship work.

Read it and feel all the feels:

“I fell in love with my bestfriend.

But he didn’t chase me. He had his doubts about me. Means he is careful about who he lets into his life.

He didn’t whisper sweet nothings to my ears. But he will always answer my phone calls.

He doesn’t parade our relationship on social media. I am not his shiny new toy. I am his hidden gem.

He doesn’t put me first. He has his parents, his beautiful nieces and nephew, his siblings, his health, his life.

He wasn’t jealous if I talk to my peers or work with other guys, he lets me grow. He didn’t care that I had 2 million followers. He knows all the 10 real friends I have and their names.

He can’t remember the title of my songs, but he remembers his niece’s birthday. He didnt forgo his friends for me. His friends were there for him when he needed them before i came into his life.

He would never immediately agree to my thoughts. He tells me if im wrong. And when im right, he acknowledges it.

All this time I thought love was all about how a man should profess his love, flowers at my door, letters saying he’s in love, enslaving his entire being to me, but here is this person, who just wants to be sure he is the best man that he can be for himself, his family, and the world. And at the end of the day, he tells me all about it. All these things that he does or does not do, for some reason, he wants to share all of them with me.

And at the end of our every conversation, he lets me know that he loves me too.

I am his best friend. And for that, I am the luckiest girl in the world.”


Check out Yuna’s original text here.


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