The Miracle Pants That Will Help You Slim Down And Reach Your Goals Faster

ADVERTORIAL: Famed for the their Mint+ line of hot slimming pants, Soft Snug has developed a new and improved version called the Mint Air 9


Soft SnugóThe Miracle Pants That Help You Slim Down
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Designed for all you fitness enthusiasts, the Mint Air 9 pants work in ways that can burn up to 300% more fat and trim centimeters off your waist, tummy and thighs. Although everyone can benefit from wearing them, they are more effective when worn during your workouts. With a pair of Mint Air 9 paints, you can reach your weight goals faster, and with less effort!

How They Work
The Mint Air 9 pants are made from a special neotex material. This material helps increase your body temperature, thus encouraging you to sweat more. The amazing part about the Mint Air 9s is how they are designed to absorb sweat despite their main function—so you don’t have to fret about unsightly sweat stains or patches anymore.

The Material and Design
The Mint Air 9 pants are made for the busy woman. The light-weight, stretchy and breathable fabric is extremely comfortable and doesn’t restrict movement so the pants can be worn during various types of exercises. The Mint Air 9s feature a stylish design that not only compliments your figure, but goes perfectly with any combination of tops and sportswear.

Why You Need a Pair
Well, for one, you don’t have to put your body through extreme dieting, and by wearing the pants during your routine, you can achieve twice the results.  The Mint Air 9 also fits snug against your body to give you a slimmer silhouette and firmer shape as soon as you put them on; and when you're not worried about how you look in the gym or working out, you tend to do so much more and get the body you want faster.

Here’s to a confident, better version of yourself!

You can score a pair of the Mint Air 9 Hot Slimming Pants online, along with other items from their wide catalogue of slimming wear in Malaysia.

Check out their website at: For more enquiries, WhatsApp 013 2726820 or email

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