The WH Team Tries 5 Ways To Reuse and Recycle Clothes

Maybe it's time to look at your own wardrobe with fresh eyes!


The WH Team Tries 5 Ways To Reuse and Recycle Clothes
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It’s 2017 and the WH team has been trying to be more conscious about our carbon footprint, even when it comes to little things (for example: using reusable containers when taking away food, not using paper unless absolutely necessary etc). After all, when it comes to the bigger picture, everything adds up.

Over the course of a week, the team each thought of a different eco-friendly way to recycle clothing options. Aside from the obvious choice of only buying eco-friendly, conscious-clothing, we’re here to show you how in fact it's probably easier to adopt these other ways of being stylish. We want to show you guys that it's possible to recycle clothes, use what we already have aavailable to us, spend less, waste less and still look fab.

Here's how each of us chose to embrace sustainable style:

AMYLIA - Thrift Shopping
Shopping in charity shops or flea markets are a great way to save money and be eco-conscious. What’s even better is that the ‘retro’ look is timeless. I usually head to charity shops such as Family Bundle in Ampang or Buntil in Shah Alam for rare vintage finds to complement whatever that is already in my wardrobe. 

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JUNE - Capsule Wardrobe
For those unfamiliar with the term ‘capsule wardrobe’, it was coined in London in the '70s by boutique owner Susie Faux and popularised by blogger Caroline Rector. It essentially refers to a whittled down wardrobe consisting of versatile pieces that you really love to wear. The pieces that go into your capsule wardrobe are rotated every season (though luckily for us, this predicament is largely simplified). Rector’s original capsule wardrobe consisted of 37 items that she wore over a three month period, with no shopping allowed during those three months.

I’ll admit—style isn’t really at the forefront of my mind and I find I actually wear the same stuff over and over again anyway. But this process really made me think about the rest of the stuff sitting in my wardrobe —did I really need it? Probably not. And so, as a result of having gone through the selection process for my ‘capsule wardrobe’, I’m actually still in the process of slowly culling the clothes in my closet, until I might actually end up with something resembling a capsule wardrobe.

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SHIRLEY - 1 Top, 5 Ways
My challenge was to style the same top for five days and in five different ways. To fulfill this and make it a little more challenging, I chose a crop top with cutouts in a cute print but in a subtle colour. I didn't want to go with something bright and loud that was too easily recognisable and I didn't want to pick something that would have been too easy to style either—now where's the fun in that? 

I admit, the thought of wearing the same thing for five days straight kind of grossed me out, but a challenge is a challenge and I just had to find a way to make sure it stayed fresh and didn't start to stink by the end of the week. I did this by layering underneath the 'chosen top' the first few days and avoided outdoors activities that would make me sweat and stuff. 

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SUEANN - The 80/20 Rule
Apparently, most of us only use 20 percent of our wardrobe while the other 80 percent is stuff we either keep for special occasions or for nostalgic reasons. Things like winter clothes, ball gowns and that bridesmaid dress from your best friend’s wedding would probably end up being left and forgotten in your cupboard.

I’m one of the biggest offenders when it comes to not utilising the options in my wardrobe. For work, I wear the same stuff every time but I also like to spend my money on dresses that are too dressy for work and these end up just sitting in my closet until it’s time for them to make an appearance again —and most of the time, they don't. And since I hardly go out anymore, this challenge is perfect for me to try to incorporate these forgotten pieces into my every day wear.

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ZOÉ - Raiding My Mum's Wardrobe
My way to be eco-stylish is to just constantly raid my mother’s closet. I do have to admit that it definitely helps that my mother is a shopaholic and that we share similar tastes in clothes (comfort over everything!). As long as there’s a will and a selection of clothes sitting in my mum's wardrobe, then there will always be a way (to style it up!).

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