4 Ways To Style Teva Sandals

Think Tevas are boring? Think again! We show you how you can style these iconic sandals.


4 Ways To Style Teva Sandals

I remember my first pair of Tevas: I’d been invited to an event and received a free pair—I chose all black, of course. You couldn’t expect anything less from I-wear-absolutely-no-colour-because-it-made-me-look-chic-and-reflected-the-state-of-my-tormented-writer-soul Zoé (Oh, don’t roll your eyes at me. I know you went through that phase too). It was the last pair of size 8s in the store and I felt like I had just scored a victory against the generally unforgiving shoe gods.

In all honesty, I felt next to nothing when I looked at the brand new pair of Teva sandals, and we all know next to nothing is always a bad sign. When you look at new shoes, your heart should soar at the sight of them. I still put them on every morning before work though, because they were easy to slide into, and convenient. Not to mention kind of very comfortable.

Fast forward three years, and I still wear them. The only difference is that now when someone mentions the brand Teva, my eyes roll back into my head with pure love and ecstasy. Aside from just being simple and easy to pair with everything, they’re the most comfortable pair of sandals I’ve ever owned and are perfect for any outdoor activity as they have spectacular grip and dry really quickly even after fully submerged in water.

I jumped at the opportunity to get myself a new pair recently and was completely in awe at how much the sandals have changed in terms of aesthetics. The new collection of Tevas looks absolutely amazing and I can vouch for this as the shoes were flying off the racks on the launch day of their new pop up store at Mid Valley Megamall.

So just in case you’re not yet convinced that you absolutely need a pair because they may not be versatile enough, here are four different ways to wear Tevas, so you have absolutely zero excuse not to wear them.

Look 1
Teva Alp, RM269
Monki Stretch Cotton Tee, price unavailable 
Topshop Wide Leg Stripe Trousers, RM285 
Topshop Premium Leather Drawstring Tote Bag, RM490 

Look 2
Flatform Universal, RM269
Zara Printed Kimono Dress, RM349 
Mango Flower Pendant Earrings, RM79.90 

Look 3
Sanborn Universal, RM359
H&M Textured dress, RM 134.00 
Zara miniaudière with UFO, RM199.90 

Look 4
Terra Float Nova, RM359
Pull & Bear Fitted Denim dress with frills, RM199.90 
Mango Flower Scarf, RM79.90 


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