How Eating The Same Thing Can Help You Lose Weight

Let's talk about meal repetition


How Eating The Same Thing Can Help You Lose Weight

Meal repitition can be a bore, but it doesn't necessarily have to be. Here are three ways it can benefit your eating habits!

How does it help you lose?
Knowing what you’re going to eat takes the emotion out of the equation, so you’re less likely to choose junk on impulse. It also helps with maintenance: People who stick to a regimen are 1.5 times more likely to keep off the weight they’ve lost.

Okay, but I’m already bored!
True, eating the same thing every day can be tough long-term. And a healthy variety of food in your diet has been shown to protect against excess body fat.

So how to blend both?
Be strict with meals but flexible with ingredients. Say you like to have a daily omelette for breakfast. One day, add broccoli; the next, tomatoes. Or if a salad is your lunch go-to, mix up the greens and proteins. Result? Max weight loss and flavour.


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