How Andrea Jee Found Confidence In Her Weight Loss Journey

"I feel more confident wherever I go."


How Andrea Jee Found Confidence In Her Weight Loss Journey
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For 24-year-old Andrea Jee, losing weight is all about feeling good about herself. In the past, she longed to pull off the latest trends, but her physique got in the way, and that brought down her self-esteem. She knew she was the only one who could push herself to get fitter. One day, Jee decided to sign up for a Celebrity Fitness gym membership and, with the help of a personal trainer, she was on her way to shedding some kilos, but the road to success wasn’t always smooth, as she explains.

The Change
The biggest obstacle in her way was food. “I had to kick my junk food habit. What helped a lot was not ordering a drink at a restaurant. It definitely cut out the sugar and unnecessary calories,” says Jee who still treats herself to a cheat day once in a while as it helps to boost her morale.

She also cut out rice from her diet and introduced more lean protein. “My trainer gets me to send pictures of my meals to him. Whenever I do my body test and if my muscles have reduced or my weight increases, he’ll give me a disappointed look. That image sticks in my head because I want to make him proud of me,” she adds.

Jee tends to gain weight easily if she doesn’t watch what she eats. “In February, I lost around 9kg. But in March, I attended a cousin’s wedding abroad and I let myself go as I was on holiday. When I returned to the gym, my trainer couldn’t recognise me!” she exclaims. “That made me realise how much harder I have to work to get back in shape once I take my eye off the ball.”

As a result, she now also attends a lot of dance classes, such as Zumba, at Celebrity Fitness to maintain her shape—in addition to the regular workout routines set out by her trainer. 

The Lifestyle
Jee didn’t really exercise before joining Celebrity Fitness. “Sometimes, I’d go jungle trekking or cycling but so rarely that I wouldn’t dare call myself an active person,” she recalls. When asked what drives her, she replies, “Having a good-looking trainer definitely motivates me to work out more! When my body shows the results that I want, I feel happy and motivated, especially when I try on new clothes and find out that I’ve gone down two sizes!”

The Reward
After just three months, Jee has reaped the benefits from her journey. “I’ve learnt that any form of exercise really helps to make you more energised to get through the day,” she says. “My stomach is flatter, my face looks sharper, my thighs are slimmer, and my legs are toned. I feel more confident wherever I go.”

What can she teach others about her experience? “Stop procrastinating and start exercising. Your results will keep you focused,” she advises. “For example, my goal was 55kg, but after I reached it and saw amazing results, I felt even more motivated to stay in shape. Now I’m working on toning my stomach. There’s always something that you can keep improving about yourself!”


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