How Exercise Helped This Mother Of 5 Look And Feel Her Best

"I feel that I am a better version of me"


How Exercise Helped This Mother Of 5 Look And Feel Her Best
shahril saifol

“I was not happy with my body. I wanted to be fit and healthy and feel good about myself,” says Elena Julas (one of the five deserving winners of the Fit for Life challenge by Celebrity Fitness), as she recalls the moment when she realised that she couldn’t squeeze into any of her clothes. “This left me with two choices: Either I spend lots of money on new clothes in size XL or invest the same amount in a gym membership so I can wear my old clothes that I love so much again.” Clearly, she chose the latter, and amazingly, managed to reach her goal in a speedy three months after shedding 10kg.

The Change
The first step taken by Julas on her fitness journey was signing up with a personal trainer who understood what her goals were—she found one from Celebrity Fitness. The mother-of-five credits her trainer with being the key to her success by constantly reminding her not to slack off.

“I’m kind of surprised that I managed to lose all that weight in just three months. I started my training program on 10 January 2017. I was so serious about losing weight that I was mentally prepared to change my diet, which meant no junk food—not even my usual Frappuccino,” she says. “By mid-February, I had managed to drop five kilos and was so thrilled that I was ready to reward myself with an all-you-can-eat buffet!”

By the end of March, she had shed 9.8kg. “Now I’m faced with the same dilemma that I faced in the beginning. I still can’t fit into my old clothes—but only because they’re all too big for me!” she chuckles.

The Lifestyle
The 37-year-old housewife was a gym regular for almost three years before embarking on her journey, but without the help of a personal trainer, she didn’t see much progress and admits that she lacked the stamina to complete her workouts—but that’s all changed now. “My personal trainer always designs fun workouts for me so that I don’t get bored,” she says.

She’s also learned the importance of good, quality food. “A healthy diet gives me good energy for my workout. If I don’t have energy, I can’t do my training properly,” Julas notes. She has also developed a taste for healthier food and no longer craves sugary stuff as much. “I love a bowl of avocado with banana and milk, and a cranberry salad, which I think are healthy enough for me to enjoy without guilt,” she says.

The Reward
What’s the best thing to come out of her fitness journey? “I feel that I’m a better version of me. I feel really good about myself because I know that my body is healthier and fitter. I have more energy these days too,” Julas says. “When I’m at the gym, other mothers join me. It makes me happy that I can be a role model for all the mummies at the gym to get fit.”


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