You Lose, You Win: How Natrah Amalluddin Lost More Than Half Her Bodyweight

“People said that I was overly ambitious and, at 120kg, I would never be skinny. But all that negativity just made me want to prove them wrong!”


You Lose, You Win: Natrah Amalluddin
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Natrah Amalluddin’s weightloss journey started on a sad note when her sister passed away from complications due to diabetes. Natrah knew that she had to do something about her own health problems because her life depended on it. However, the 30-year-old’s knee and heel pain had a major impact on her confidence levels because it seemed like an insurmountable obstacle to her desire to get fit. “I felt inferior and had no confidence in my ability to make decisions,” she says. “I also felt despised for being fat.” But Natrah also refused to feel sorry for herself and decided to take matters into her own hands.

The Change
Natrah admits that one of the biggest hurdles that she faced was the negativity from the people around her. “It almost weakened my resolve, but I’m grateful that I am strong mentally, and I think it’s important when you want to go through something like this,” she adds.

In January 2015, Natrah took her first step by signing up for a slimming programme that she had heard so much about. “I joined Jom Kurus with Kevin Zahri,” she says. “I saw that many participants had managed to lose weight on the programme, and I learned the basics of planning a balanced diet and an effective exercise routine. We were taught the importance of having the right knowledge to distinguish between good and bad in fitness. The science of dieting is a major pillar that got me to my ideal weight today.” Almost two years have passed since then and Natrah has lost a whopping 63kg.

The Lifestyle
But what makes Natrah’s journey special? “I want to be stronger mentally and physically. I was very cynical about getting slim at first,” she admits. “People said that I was overly ambitious and, at 120kg, I would never be skinny. But all that negativity just made me want to prove them wrong!”

Natrah now exercises four times a week and rests on the remaining days. She often invites friends to join her, as she feels exercise is more effective when it is enjoyable, especially when it comes to Zumba and hiking. “If you want to lose weight, the most important thing is consistency and discipline,” she comments. Food-wise, Natrah keeps it simple by cutting out fast food and snacks, and reducing her intake of sugary and salty food.

The Reward
These days, Natrah’s knee and heel pain is a thing of the past. “I feel comfortable and more confident,” she says. Her friends ask her for fitness advice now, and that has really boosted her confidence. “I’m an inspiration to all my friends,” she adds. “They began by asking for tips on how to slim down, and even for lessons on proper nutrition and exercise. I’m so proud of my achievements!”


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